No More Coal

29 May , 2019  

Is this the end…..?

Great Britain managed to generate electricity without coal for over 8 days in early May 2019, creating a new record. This has now been surpassed by over 10 consecutive days without the use of the fossil fuel. It is encouraging news for our vegan and sustainable readers as well as the renewable energy sector. These figures are the first seen since the industrial revolution, however, if we are to truly change the way we use energy, this needs to change to hundreds of days rather than hundreds of hours.

The energy met during this lack of coal was as follows: Gas 45%, Nuclear 21%, Wind 12%, Imports 10%, Biomass 6%, Solar 5%, Large Hydro <1%, Storage <1%. Encouraging, but there are discussions that solar energy and wind can increase in percentage share. Renewable energy now accounts for 33% of Britain’s generation and increasing.


The Rise of Vegan Fashion Week

1 Apr , 2019  

Vegan fashion weeks can now be found in L.A and London, with many more Cities planning full-focus vegan fashion events. It seems that full transition to the mainstream has been compounded.

Driven by shifts in perception and changing consumer habits, events like these demonstrate how cruelty-free can be seen as avant-garde or even luxury in their brand identity. Bands such as Wilby are being invited to show at catwalks at least two to three times a year.

There are still challenges with sustainability and the waste that is created from all kinds of fashion, a large issue and potentially larger. Many companies are recognizing this and are launching innovatie upcycling schemes such as Adidas.


Heathrow Expansion And The Royal Park

28 Feb , 2019  

Potential bad news for Richmond Park as new Heathrow expansion plans are being heavily contested by environmental activists: The controversial plans are understood to permit several hundred low flying aircraft to fly over the royal park, creating elevated noise and air pollution which will be detrimental to the wildlife in the 2,500 acre park.

The changes to flight paths will start in 2021, because Heathrow plans to increase flights by 25,000 a year before the proposed third runway is built, and will be adopted in full on completion of the third runway in 2026.

Richmond Park is the largest royal park in the capital and is home to thousands of wildlife species supported by the sensitive and legally protected acid grasslands. The potential effect of poor air quality and noise pollution on these protected areas are unknown, but the Mayor and Greenpeace are committed to taking legal action.



Obvious Why!!

20 Aug , 2018  

It’s now common knowledge that avoiding meat and dairy is the single biggest way to reduce your impact on Earth – but what’s less common is the idea that this can be achieved not only by controlling what we put in our bodies, but also what we put on them.


Ten years ago, being a vegan or vegetarian was much harder than it is now – there were less dishes on offer in restaurants, and friends and family knew fewer recipes to offer as alternatives to meat and two veg. But pressure from the inside out has lead the market to expand; now, vegetarian or vegan options are often more exciting, and better value for money than their meaty alternatives.


And the same is happening in fashion – remember the scandal when ASOS’ supposedly ‘faux’ fur jackets turned out to be real? People are no longer solely advocating faux animal products because of animal cruelty but are adding ehttp://www.wilbyclutch.comnvironmental impact onto the list. At Wilby bags, we’re responding to, and pushing forward the care for our planet.


But unlike the vegans of many years ago, going vegan in your accessories no longer means a martyrdom of pleasure. In fact, it’s probably going to make life a lot easier. Take your standard weekend bag for example. Then add in a raining English weekend. What do you get? Cracked, salt-lined leather that immediately looks like it’s worth £2 of the £250 you spent on it. Meanwhile, your friend with her vegan bag sails on by, saving the planet and doing it with style



By Antonia Cundy



10 Jun , 2018  

The Guardian has stated that veganism has officially left the fringes and entered the mainstream. You only have to look at the expanding food market and the fact that veganism in the UK has soared to 3.5 million to see that it is not a fleeting movement.

There is the notion that veganism is restricted to food and many vegans, flexitarians/others shy away from the fashion industry and its flaws.

Sustainable and vegan bags, shoes and fashion can help make an negative impact on the leather industry and a positive impact on the environment. Cow hides are, of course, not just used for food and 70% of it’s production is used for shoe soles as well as jackets, car seats, bags, sofas and many more.

The sheer amount of waste that fast fashion creates can be seen in landfills globally and contributes to ocean pollution. We hope that the next vegan agenda will be to explicitly address what we wear on a day-to-day basis.



The rise of Veganism

28 Sep , 2017  

While figures were announced this week that the milk industry lost approximately 240 million in sales for the previous year, the rise of vegan alternatives for meat, dairy and other products continue to grow.

Tesco’s have stated that the demand for vegan alternatives to ready meals and snacks has soared to over 40%. People who identify themselves as vegan in the UK have soared to 500,000.

This is all exacerbated by the rise in the celebrity vegan, from  Brad Pitt to Miley Cyrus taking up a meat free diet and being open about the cause on social media.






We Won! Independent Handbag Awards

25 Jun , 2017  

We are so honoured to have won the Best Green category at the Independent handbag awards in New York. It was the ever popular Bailey Black Saddle that won it and thanks must go out to Lucy Housman, Sophie Bailey, Eeva Rinne, Lucy Orr Ewing, Emily Eden and Jordan Delarosa. A special mention also to Ali Abbas a Wilby website designer who tragically passed away last year and to Martin Housman who has obtained a serious injury and has been a massive supporter of Wilby.


We are glad the efforts of the Bailey collection have been noticed as not only are they vegan but they are sustainable; they are made from new technology cork whereby the cork bark is peeled from the tree and subsequently regenerates. All bags in this collection are hand made in the UK.

Fashionable Vegan Bailey Saddle bag made by Wilby

Fashionable Vegan Bailey Saddle bag made by Wilby




Nominated for the Independent Bag awards

18 May , 2017  

Wilby has been nominated for the Independent Bag Awards under the Basic Adhesives Green Bag Award. We would like to say a big thank you to Emily and Marina at the Independent Bag Awards for all of their help and support. It is an honour to be recognised for our green ethics and design and the Bailey Saddle bag (the bag that is nominated) is made from sustainable cork and eco – friendly glue, it is also made in the UK and has been worn by well known vegan celebrities such as Alicia Silverstone.

We are also in the running for the Instyle award where you can vote for the Bailey Saddle bag below:


Saddle campaign 300dpi






Leonardo DiCaprio and the Salted Steak

6 Feb , 2017  

Many of you may have seen in the news this week that the Oscar-winning actor met the meme sensation ‘Salt BAE’ real name Nusret Gökçe, while dining out in the Dubai branch of his steakhouse chain.

Salt Bae captured the moment on Instagram in a picture which shows him seasoning DiCaprio’s steak as the actor looks on. You are now probably wondering why a vegan fashion brand is writing about this celebrity fuelled moment: The issue is with the steak itself.


We are a big fan of Leonardo at Wilby; with him being an avid environmentalist, who has even divested from the funding of fossil fuel companies and has released a documentary. But he needs to be informed (or reminded) that one of the most harmful things an individual can do for the environment is to eat steak on the regular. Although there is a strong possibility that the steak was wonderfully organic and bred on a small scale, it goes against the tone we are setting as environmentalists and it is not the first time he has been filmed with meat.

It brings a larger issue that is seen in such documentaries as Cowspiracy, that many environmentalists are still obsessed with C02 and only C02. They still do not realise that methane (animal agriculture a large contributor) and other gases are far worse, trap more heat and something that would be relevant for Leonardo: It is the largest contributor to deforestation in the amazon.

This combined with the amount of water, energy and land it takes to consume a meat based diet, the health benefits of veganism and vegetarianism, it is time for all environmentalists to jump on the bandwagon and denounce regular meat eating.



Fast Fashion

18 Sep , 2016  

As we know, a major obstacle for the for brands that have forms of ethical sourcing and trading is that they continuously compete with fast fashion. At least 40% of clothes are purchased from value retailers. With fast fashion, it is also a quantity based market and it shows: Women are buying 33% more clothes than at the turn of the century and 4 times as many items as in 1980.

The real pressure in this environment of course is handed to the garment workers in Bangladesh , Sri Lanka and many other places where their production targets may only just remain within human capability. The conditions are, a lot of the time, not worthy of any carbon based life form. So what can we do to defeat the fast fashion business model? It’s simple buy from transparent companies with humane factory conditions and buy less.


Our vegan bags at Wilby for example, are mainly made in the UK (two ranges are made in China with strict factory protocol). Materials are organic where possible which is important for a whole other range of issues. We also recommend looking on the Ethical Fashion Forum and other great companies such as Beyond skin who have great vegan shoes that are made in Europe.

Of course another issue is pricing.  In a world where the speed is ever increasing, when in a rush do we have time to pick and choose or is it easier to pick up the five pound top on the way home? Prices are locked down by cheap labour which puts pressure on companies that have a more expensive and organic process. Many brands with a conscience still have to outsource abroad at times.




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