Heathrow Expansion And The Royal Park

28 Feb , 2019  

Potential bad news for Richmond Park as new Heathrow expansion plans are being heavily contested by environmental activists: The controversial plans are understood to permit several hundred low flying aircraft to fly over the royal park, creating elevated noise and air pollution which will be detrimental to the wildlife in the 2,500 acre park.

The changes to flight paths will start in 2021, because Heathrow plans to increase flights by 25,000 a year before the proposed third runway is built, and will be adopted in full on completion of the third runway in 2026.

Richmond Park is the largest royal park in the capital and is home to thousands of wildlife species supported by the sensitive and legally protected acid grasslands. The potential effect of poor air quality and noise pollution on these protected areas are unknown, but the Mayor and Greenpeace are committed to taking legal action.


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