No More Coal

29 May , 2019  

Is this the end…..?

Great Britain managed to generate electricity without coal for over 8 days in early May 2019, creating a new record. This has now been surpassed by over 10 consecutive days without the use of the fossil fuel. It is encouraging news for our vegan and sustainable readers as well as the renewable energy sector. These figures are the first seen since the industrial revolution, however, if we are to truly change the way we use energy, this needs to change to hundreds of days rather than hundreds of hours.

The energy met during this lack of coal was as follows: Gas 45%, Nuclear 21%, Wind 12%, Imports 10%, Biomass 6%, Solar 5%, Large Hydro <1%, Storage <1%. Encouraging, but there are discussions that solar energy and wind can increase in percentage share. Renewable energy now accounts for 33% of Britain’s generation and increasing.

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    Good news

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