Horizontal Fracking Is Going Ahead

6 Oct , 2016  

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has approved plans for fracking at Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site at Little Plumpton in Lancashire. ¬†Environmentalists and local campaign groups reacted angrily, saying that it was a denial of local democracy.

It means, for the first time, UK shale rock will be fracked horizontally, which is expected to yield more gas. Last year the Lancashire County Council refused to permit fracking at the site last year due to noise and traffic impact. The fracking companies (of course) appealed.


What is shocking is that neither the community or the council are supporting the shift but the move still continues. The Communities Secretary continues the onslaught of horizontal fracking, not for the good of the communities (which ironically is his job title) but for the good of the businesses looking to do the fracking.

There is of course the trouble with paradigms: The government seem to believe that in order to solve energy issues, we can replace fossil fuels with another fossil fuel (If you take a trip to Heathrow airport you can see the various advertisements explicitly explaining this in a shameless promotion of fracking). This concept is persistent despite the the non renewable concept and despite the danger and reduced life quality of the communities having to endure it.

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