What Does Brexit Mean For The Envionment?

29 Jun , 2016  

With all the talks of the consequences of Brexit, the majority of people and politicians are avoiding the most important issue of our time: Environmental progress.

We have just heard that Siemens will be freezing further UK wind power investment and the Country has a bad track record of proactively approaching domestic environmental issues. We hope that the Paris agreement will remain a target.


As a member of the European Union, the U.K. is signed up to the Renewable Energy Directive, which requires the EU as a whole to “fulfil at least 20 percent of its total energy needs with renewables by 2020″, according to the European Commission.

Amber Rudd, The Secretary of State for Climate Change, seemed to assure the green-conscious after the referendum result:”We’re still committed to making sure consumers have secure, affordable and clean energy now and in the future.” ┬áBut this statement is vague and seems to stress the importance of affordable energy rather than the environmental targets that have already been put in place.

It will simply be a case of seeing what happens, look at your local green projects and if cutbacks are announced, it’s time to write to MPs.


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